One of my earliest memories is of being so deeply engaged in building

a kinetic sculpture from wood scraps that I became completely unaware

of my surroundings, of time passing, and of my pre-school class leaving.

I was presumed lost, and in a sense I was – deep in a state of creativity,

discovering how two pieces join and respond: one nail to make a pivot,

two to make it secure. I still get lost in how materials join and respond

to tell a story.


My work explores interactivity – how the attitude and shape of furniture

sculpts our space, and how our space shapes our attitudes and actions.


How does an object assume and convey meaning? Embracing this question

propels my work. Favoring the reclaimed and recycled, I orchestrate

unexpected compositions to convey the conceptual with a measure of utility.


Moving beyond furniture as permeable space defined by physical material

has led me to approach design in terms of invoking mentalities.

Considering the space we occupy, and how we occupy it physically, socially,

psychologically and temporally has inspired me to leverage technological

capabilities and cultural codes to highlight latent relationships, structures

and interactions.


From traditional hand craft to the latest in computer numerical control, and

often in concert, iterative material and technique studies inform my process.

Everything about the interplay of form and function, the aesthetic and

engineering of structure, continues to be compelling to me.